Solar PV

Utilise roof space, land or reservoirs to reduce and offset current energy spend and future proof your home/business against rising electricity prices.

  • Lower your carbon emissions and advance your green credentials

  • Minimal ongoing maintenance required

FiT (Feed-in-Tariff)

***ENDING 31st MARCH 2019***

The Feed-in-Tariff scheme (FiTs) is an environmental programme introduced by the government to promote the use of renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies. Under the scheme, homes and businesses who choose to install Solar PV will be paid for every unit of electricity they generate. The FiTs is guaranteed for 20 years and  increases in line with inflation.

A Solar PV installation will benefit you in 3 ways:

  1. You get paid for the electricity you don’t use
    This is called the export tariff. You may not use all the energy you generate, so what’s left over will be exported to the grid. Currently you will be paid an extra 3.41p for every unit exported. For systems below 30kWp this is a deemed figure of 50% of generation. For systems above 30kWp, if you wish to claim the export tariff, an export meter will need to be installed. The annual cost of this will need to be balanced against the potential export tariff received.

  2. You will make savings on your energy bills

  3. You get paid for all the electricity you produce
    This is called the generation tariff. You will be paid the current FiTs rate for every unit of electricity you produce, whether you use it or not. The rate per kWh varies depending on the size of the system installed.

  4. You will save the unit cost on all electricity generated and used, as you will not have to purchase this.
    The more you use of the electricity you generate during daylight hours, the greater your saving will be. The tariff rates for FiTs are set by Ofgem. The tariffs are reviewed and can change as often as every three months. Once you have registered for FiTs, your generation and export tariffs will last for as long as your installation is eligible, currently 20 years. FiTs payments are made quarterly by licensed electricity suppliers directly into your bank account.

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