Smart home technology has started becoming very popular over the last few years, with more and more homes and businesses getting on board. Whether you’re looking for home or business security, you can monitor it 24/7 365 days a year! or even just check up on the pets or children while you’re away. A vary of options are available whether you’re looking to reduce your bills and make your home or business more Eco-friendly or just like to idea of everything being controlled by your smartphone. There’s always someway a Smart Home device can help you and make your life a little easier.

Here at East Green Energy we have been Electrical Contractors for many years and have been installing Smart Home technology to new and existing builds more and more.

If you’re interested in including Smart Home technology into your home or business, please contact us to discuss this further.



East Green Energy are approved installers of all Nest products. Nest have a arrange of products to suit all your home needs and all controlled by a single app which you are at home or away. The have a range of different option so there’s always something there that will meet your needs. Nest works with Amazon Alexa and has now also partnered with Google Home.




Nest Learning Thermostat learns what temperatures you like and turns itself up or down depending on your routine. You can also manage your hot water and check your energy history via the app. This is usually wall mounted, but a stand is available and requires professional installation.

Nest Thermostat E is a easy to control and basic smart thermostat, which requires no profession installation. You can place this anywhere as it comes with a stand and blends in with any home decor with it frosted display.

The Nest Thermostat’s are compatible with most central heating systems and are able to be control manually, via the Nest App or with a smart devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.




Nest Protect is a smart smoke detector. The smoke & carbon monxide alarm can detect any type of fire. The alarm tests itself constantly so no need to check it’s working, and can be monitor via the App. You can set the alarm up in any room of your choosing and also comes with a handy assistance light with turns on when someone is near/walking by.

This come battery operated where you can install it yourself, or hard-wired where you will need professional installation.




The Nest Hello Video Doorbell is a two-way audio communication and one-way visual doorbell. You can always check who’s at your front door from your smartphone or tablet.

You have 24/7 streaming with HD video available day and night.

The Nest Hello is hard-wired into the front door/porch and requires professional installation.




The Nest Cam helps with all your security needs, and can be installed inside or out.

It has a 24/7 1080p HD live video with a 130 degree wide angle, which has continuous recording and live streams of your home/business, and works both in day and night vision. There’s a two way audio and a person alert helps you keep track of who is around your property.

The Nest Cam comes with two different ranges Nest Cam and Nest Cam IQ.


Honeywell EvoHome

East Green Energy are approved installers of all Honeywell Connected Specialist which also includes EvoHome. EvoHome have a arrange of products to suit all your home needs and all controlled by a app, monitoring device or Amazon Alexa/Google Home which you are at home or away. The have a range of different option so there’s always something there that will meet your needs.


EvoHome Multi-Zone Controller

The EvoHome multi-zone controller controls up to 12 heating zones including hot water which each can be independently programmed to a time and temperature setting. The Unit is touchscreen operated can be wall mounted with professional installation or place on a stand powered through a plug, and has built in WiFi. This controller process access to control all your heating such as radiators, underfloor and with OpenTherm your boiler and hot water.


EvoHome Radiator Zone Valves

EvoHome Radiator Zone Valves uses two-way communication with the EvoHome controller/Honeywell App. These are slim and will fit on most TRV radiators with easy installation. These are battery powered and have a 2 years life span, and will alert you when needing to be replaced. The temperature changes can be made via the controller/app. There are two options available, one with a display screen and the other without.


EvoHome Single Zone Thermostat


EvoHome Single Zone Thermostat is a easy to use, wireless thermostat with the ability to be remotely controlled. When connected to the evohome multi-zone controller/Honeywell App, you will be able to programmed to thermostat to your needs. This thermostat fits all central heating systems and will battery operated.


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