Solis Dual 3-Phase Inverter

Solis Dual 3-Phase Inverter

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Solis 4G three phase inverters are hot off the presses, and reach up to 98.% efficiency. These inverters are ideal for the domestic arrays typical of new build developments and commercial environments this boasts an extremely flexible input voltage.

The Solis dual tracker inverter will handle up to 15kW of PV, and still boasts a compact and attractive housing.  This is the dual MPPT version for split arrays. 

A wide MPPT input range of MPPT and a low startup voltage allow for great levels of flexibility when designing an array.  

Export limiting is also available with the use of a separate CT clamp.


  • Maximum efficiency of 98.7%

  • IP65

  • Startup Voltage: 180V

  • Max DC Voltage: 1000V

  • Max input current: 11A/22A

  • Warranty: 5 years

Please contact us for personalised quotation for installation.*

*Only available in Suffolk, North Essex and South Norfolk

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