Rolec Wallpod (EV Ready)

Rolec Wallpod (EV Ready)


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Please note not apart of OLEV scheme

Rolec’s new WallPod: EV Ready unit provides the builder with the low cost future proof solution that, as well as charging an EV in Mode 2 format, doubles up as an outdoor IP65 rated domestic 13amp maintenance socket.

  • Satisfies Planning requirements for EV charging

  • Doubles up as an outdoor rated 13amp maintenance socket ideal for home/garden maintenance, charging mobility scooters and electric bikes, etc.

  • Charges the EV in Mode 2 format

  • Is designed to be future proof and easily upgradable to full Mode 3 fast charging format (upgrade kits available throughout the UK wholesaler network)

  • Includes overload and fault current protection (RCBO)

  • This modern, attractive unit is available in a variety of colours including brick-matching terracotta or brown

  • Can be surface or cavity mounted

  • Has been certificated by the BSI as safe to use in the domestic environment

  • Easy to install and maintain

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