EICR Commerical

EICR Commerical

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A commercial electrical installation condition report is as it states a report and not a certificate.

Only available in Suffolk, North Essex and South Norfolk

It is often referred to as an EICR and provides an assessment of the in-service condition of an commercial electrical installation against the requirements of the most current edition of BS 7671 at the time of the inspection.

All lighting and lighting circuits will be assessed and a report on the findings will be logged, typically a commercial EICR is a lot more in depth than a standard domestic report.

Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and over time faults may occur with wear and tear of the installation. Therefore, if the safety of the users is not to be put at risk, it is important that every installation is periodically inspected and tested by a competent person and frequently recorded and monitored within regulatory guidelines. Non-compliances will be recorded in a commercial EICR.

How often should I get one done?

It is recommended that a commercial property should be tested every 5 years and installations at industrial premises should be tested at least every 3 years. This schedule provides more information about the interval between tests.

As an NICEIC Approved contractor, any report issued by East Green Energy Limited will be more than sufficient to meet the requirements of an insurance company, most clients or landlords that may be ordering the tests to be carried out.

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