We compare the new breed of 'electric vehicle tariffs' offered by energy firms

Image source: https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/capitalizing-on-ev-growth-in-2017-the-infrastructure-imperative 11/10/2017 10:41.

The EV revolution is underway and we are very excited about it as green energy enthusiasts, but it is taking an unexpected, or perhaps not, turn with respect to how much your energy costs. Energy firms such as OVO Energy are introducing increased tariffs for the charging of EVs at your home. So as much as you are saving on vehicle tax, you may now be simply dishing that money out again in a different direction. This leads one to think about how this money you were saving by driving with Zero Emissions can still be saved and so this has lead consumers to consider some green energy equipment for their homes. With the help of solar PV, you can reduce your overall energy bill by supplementing your energy requirements with help from the sun. This article from thisismoney highlights the new tariffs being introduced by energy firms and while the changes are small, one can only expect them to grow as the EV market grows and more people drive EVs.